Periodically, conference officers are burdened with the duties of preparing for Regular/Constituency Sessions in which new leadership is chosen, among many other critical decisions. Many times officers of the organization may not have full knowledge of the procedural and mechanical requirements to pull off a productive session. That’s where veJov can help. With expertise developed over many years, veJov Design Corporation has done more Regular/Constituency Sessions than any single conference or leadership team currently in office. With this unique competence, veJov is an indispensable support to conferences in a range of critical areas—from report preparation and delivery, session and delegate packets, rules of order collateral, to finding excellent parliamentarians. We take the guesswork out of putting together successful sessions.

Among the most important responsibilities during Regular/Constituency Session is the presentation of reports by conference administrators and directors. This seemingly simple task is by no means easy. Some conferences have bylaws that determine when the reports are to be sent to the delegates, while others hold Regular/Constituency Sessions over several days. All of this impacts the reports given as well as other essential constituency functions. Some conferences have territories that cover several islands, creating an even greater logistical challenge. Often lost in the planning of lodging, meals, and who should do what, are the little details that sink a session. Imagine what happens when voting cards are forgotten, meal-tickets not perforated, writing utensils not supplied. veJov we specialize in getting the entire process right! Give us a call to see how we can help make your next session an absolute Success!