Every one of us has a personal brand, whether we accept it or not. As entrepreneurs, we already have a good understanding of the impact a sound branding strategy will have on the revenue our business earns in its lifetime. But what about your own reputation? What are the first impressions people have about you? What do they say when you are not in the room?

Building Personal Brand Equity

One of the first things I do when working with a new contractor for a home project, or purchasing from a new online store, is do a Google search to see what information pops up about them. It is a pretty favorable online reputation that ultimately influences my decision to hire that contractor, or check the dress out that’s in my shopping cart.

Personal branding is simply about managing your reputation, your style, skillset and attitude. When it’s effective, personal branding allows you to stand tall among your competitors, and builds trust with prospective clients. This affords you brand equity! Investing in yourself is always a smart investment. Here’s how you can build brand equity with a strong personal brand:

Build Personal Brand Equity in Four Steps:

  • Envision the experience you want others to have with you.
  • Take inventory of your strengths, and also make a list of the things you would like to improve upon.
  • Be true to yourself, and stick to your core competency.
  • Devise a plan to market and communicate your most positive aspects to anyone you meet.

I came across this ebook on Personal Branding by Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle, and it’s worth sharing, if you are interested in taking a deeper dive into building a strong personal brand. It is completely free, and worthy of your time.

The fact is, the more you refine your personal brand, the more likely you are to be doing the work you want to do, with the people you want to be working with, at the price point you are worth.