The next generation of graphic designers is upon us; they are getting savvier now.

As seasoned creative leaders, we must ensure these budding artists forge ahead into the great unknown, ready and armed with the know-how to succeed in the business. Why? Because we owe it to them to make their mark in this world. When we are no longer around, they must continue the work we started and make it better.

For our part, veJov Design has begun veJov Foundation, a national 501(c)3 philanthropic organization, to help future generations earn opportunities that will propel their skills in graphic design, public relations, and the creative arts. Its singular mission is to provide educational scholarships to every qualified minority student in the United States.

We haven’t seen many such foundations that offer what we will deliver, especially for young minority individuals who wish to study graphic design. So, we decided to start a foundation to help them meet their needs. Most of the foundation’s executive team knows what it’s like to hustle and work hard for what they want, and they accomplish it through grit and support from their community.

Very soon, we desire to see many individuals receive financial resources to help them reach their career aspirations and to remind them that we’re here for them.

The most innovative and effective policies and strategies emanate from those engaged in authentic partnerships with donors, students, parents, and others who are committed to advancing the industry of graphic design and creativity for future generations. Through the transformative power of these partnerships, we can improve both students’ and communities’ educational experiences.

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Here’s to the best to come for our future creatives.