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Pine Forge Academy motivates and enables students to achieve and flourish in academic and social excellence. Pine Forge Academy has high academic standards. The student’s ambition for academic success parallels their teachers’ high expectations.

Pine Forge Academy is a historically African-American co-educational Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy serving grades nine through twelve in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania. The Christ-centered curriculum is designed to shape adolescence into adults with requisite skills—examining issues critically, thinking creatively, acting effectively, and challenging students to transform knowledge into action.

Pine Forge Academy desired a brand refresh to capture new audiences—connected to the broader community outside the conference territory with the financial resources to send their children to a private boarding academy.

veJov created a bold, reinspired brand with its campaign with messaging that enforces the academy’s slogan—Excellence is no accident. The headline for the new marketing campaign is nine through Excellence. The primary message denotes that once you have entered the academy from freshman through graduation, there is a shift in awareness that the student accepts nothing short of excellence.

Not only did the Pine Forge Academy’s new brand surpass the clients’ and customers’ expectations, it also garnered the coveted NYX Marcom Grand Award for corporate identity and Gold Award for logo design—attaining international recognition. With veJov’s partnership, the academy ultimately solved its problem and achieved its goals of garnering additional enrollment through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pine Forge Academy


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