Rebrand | Potomac Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

A 30,000-member church corporation reached out to veJov Design with the vision to become a faith-based regional network of choice. veJov Design did not disappoint and fine-tuned the church’s brand starting from scratch to a lasting, memorable finish.

Potomac Conference is a premier Seventh-day Adventist organization comprised of more than 36,000 members within the District of Colombia, Maryland, and Virginia area.

The communications team needed a unique and identifiable brand that would reflect the church’s core values and attributes while communicating its message of creating disciple-making members.

After four months of development research, thorough planning, and graphic designing, veJov offered Potomac Conference a unique perspective—that the church IS the people. Hence, building a disciple-making church cultivates its members to become disciples…

The concept, Potomac People, was born by two fundamental reasons:

– Potomac Conference’s peoples were successfully working together to become better disciples and were welcoming new members into its fellowship.

– the Potomac People brand suggested that each member across the constituency, participating in local ministry, is responsible not only to his/her local church but also to the broader community.

The new brand design offered a refreshed look and feel of church member engagement. Presence of the new brand earned positive comments and social media engagement increased across platforms.

Potomac Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists


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